First Christians


They were the protagonists of the 1st Century. We are the protagonists of today. 


The world is full of normal people with normal defects and normal talents and normal circumstances. Every single one of these people has the potential to transform the world once they choose to take the first step - out of their comfort zone. The first Christians took this first step.


"Please, do not leave it to others to be protagonists of change. You are the ones who hold the future! Through you, the future enters into the world. I ask you also to be protagonists of this transformation. You are the ones who hold the key to the future! Continue to fight apathy and to offer a Christian response to the social and political troubles emerging in different parts of the world. I ask you to build the future, to work for a better world. Dear young people, please, do not be bystanders in life. Get involved! Jesus was not a bystander. He got involved. Don’t stand aloof, but immerse yourselves in the reality of life, as Jesus did." Pope Francis, Christus Vivit no. 174

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