Connect from where you are

Saturday 28 March - Sunday 4 April 2021

COVID-19 has reminded us how quickly the panorama of society can change. UNIV Inspire is transitioning online this year so we can still ask big questions to reach big solutions. 

Throughout Holy Week you can connect to for free using the following links or by contacting your closest centre of Opus Dei. To participate in the online conference element called ‘Glocal Hack’ make sure you register before 8 March. 

Join live online

  • Glocal Hack | 27 March – 30 March: Registrations are now closed

  • Live get-together with the Prelate of Opus Dei | 28 March
    Contact your nearest centre of Opus Dei for details

  • Webcam into Our Lady of Peace |3 April
    Contact your nearest centre of Opus Dei for details

  • Holy Week ceremonies with the Pope:

  • Connect on Instagram to see behind the scenes of the Our Lady of Peace, meet the first Christians, and keep up with UNIV events.


Other ways you can live Holy Week with UNIV

Move it Thursday: 1 April
Get involved in a global UNIV effort to reach out to your community on Holy Thursday. Download the graphic to make an UNIV tee for your group of volunteers and send us a photo of the action.

Write to Pope Francis
We want Pope Francis to hear the stories, ideas, and hopes of young people around the world. Send us your letter to the Pope and we’ll make sure it reaches him.


  1. Write one page maximum 

  2. Send your letter to and let us know your name, age, and country. 

  3. Deadline Friday 2 April 

Your letter will remain private and you will receive confirmation that it has been received. 

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