UNIV Inspire is an international conference for Catholic young adults to discover their role as protagonists of the 21st century. Through Holy Week in Rome, UNIV Inspire gives young people the space to think deeply and decidedly about where they stand in history in relation to the deepest challenges facing humanity.


As part of UNIV Inspire, participants will have a chance to hear from experts and join problem-solving forums as well as attend Easter services with the Holy Father and discover the Eternal city.


The entire week-long experience is a catalyst for sparking contemporary ideas and convictions in the next generation of decision-makers who can change society forever.

The full experience of UNIV Inspire is an encounter with its 


  1. Christ: Who demonstrates, through Holy Week, what it means to change the course of history forever

  2. Rome: The heart of the Church built on the bones and of saints

  3. St Josemaria: Founder of Opus Dei and its mission to transforming society through the ordinary

  4. Internationality: The next generation of decision makers gathering to connect, dialogue, and discover

  5. Ideals: Fostering critical thinking and reinforcing convictions based on truth


Holy Week. 1968. 

The moment when St Josemaria Escriva instigated the first UNIV congress.


With Pope Paul VI as the Roman Pontiff, the first UNIV gathering was held in Rome as a way of bringing young people together to tackle world-issues facing humanity.


Recognising the force of young minds, the founder of Opus Dei placed his trust, the future of the Church and society into their hands.